Congratulations to the following amazing teams! They each received a monetary award and mentorship to continue work on their projects over the next several months. Link and Infinite Pancreas were chosen to share an award and will be collaborating. 



Team: Rajan Jobanputra, Christine Yang, Dr. Andrew Chou, Dr. Aaron Neinstein, Chase Sutton

Link is a ring that links to the CGM, alerting the user of hypoglycemia, along with friends and family in their circle. The ring is a symbol of the diabetic community, akin to the internationally recognized blue circle. The ring serves to connect diabetics with their circles, as well as raise awareness within a greater community.

Infinite Pancreas

Team: Mabelle Pasmooji, Eyad Alrabbat, Matt Lumpkin, Kelly Close, Dr. Steve Hershman 

Negotiating a healthy place for type 1 diabetes within one’s identity, especially for teens, is correlated to lower incidence of burnout and higher success upon transitioning to adulthood. Agency is central to this. And yet CGM alarm notifications as currently designed more often than not rob users of agency as to when and how and to whom they reveal how they are managing their disease.

In response, we are developing a dedicated, wearable device that provides discreet, customizable notifications about blood glucose levels. It does this through the user's sense of touch, and is designed to give them a more ambient awareness of their (or their child's) blood glucose at all times decreasing anxiety, and disruption and enhancing their agency and sense of control over their disease.


Team: Srihari Yamanoor, Ei Thazin, Ilham Osman, Priyanka Athavale, Benjamin Pallant

Pre-diabetes is a challenging condition as medications and insulin aren't necessary, yet. However we wanted to create a program that can create a lifestyle that can help further prevent a diabetes diagnosis. Through our research we noticed some common threads in the realm of health eating, exercising, and the accountability of living a healthy lifestyle. Which is exactly the direction we wanted to take with Datatician!

Datatician is a personalized dietician using data to make efficient, timely, cost efficient options to meal plan for you. Datatician syncs with google home, fitbit, gps location, calendar, and bank account to create a revamped lifestyle that equips you with the tools to live healthy. Features include meal reminders, meal planning, grocery list making, calorie goal setting, daily/weekly reports, recipe sharing, suggestions based on other users, AI + machine learning, and curate customized learning.